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This new fantomGL blog is the successor of my previous site, where I promoted my Monkey X based frameworks called fantomEngine and fantomX. In December 2016 I decided to leave the BRL communities, as the creator of the previous mentioned tool suggested it.

made-with-agk-128pxI was already working on my game using another tool, called App Game Kit 2. AGK2 is created by The Game Creators and is an awesome game development tool for the beginner and advanced user. You can target desktop and mobile platforms as well. It provides one of the biggest feature sets out of the box and serves for 2D and 3D games. You can get great results in good ol’ BASIC or use your C++ skills in combination with Visual C++.

In this blog, I will try to share my knowledge about AGK2 and maybe a tool/library which I have created. Also I will share news and interesting things related to AGK2 which I have found in the WWW. I hope you will like it and sometimes comment on it.

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