Another update, more fixes and features came out 2 days ago for AGK. So here are the features of this update:


  • Fixed shadows not working with bone animated objects containing more than 40 bones
  • Fixed vertex colors being all black in some cases
  • Restored support for the .LWO 3D model format
  • Fixed FBX files sometimes failing to load objects containing tangents and binormals
  • Fixed texture stages 4-7 on 3D objects not working even if shadow mapping is disabled
  • Fixed shadows disappearing on some objects if there was another object in the scene that didn’t use shadows
  • Images loaded from an atlas texture using LoadSubImage can now be applied to every 3D object texture stage


  • Fixed DeleteSprite causing a crash if called inside a contact loop using GetFirstContact and GetNextContact with the deleted sprite


  • Changed PlayVideoToImage on Windows from DirectShow to Windows Media Foundation for better playback support
  • Changed PlayVideo on Windows to render directly into the AGK window instead of using an overlay window


  • Fixed ReadString and ReadLine when reading UTF-8 encoded files
  • MakeFolder and DeleteFolder now accept filename starting with “raw:” to make and delete folders anywhere on the device


  • Fixed PrintImage on Windows swapping the red and blue channels when sending the image to a printer

Windows Platform

  • Windows apps no longer require the DirectX End-User Runtime to be installed
  • Fixed VSync not working on Windows when in fullscreen mode
  • Using ChooseRawFile and ShowChooseImageScreen on Windows from a fullscreen app will now minimise the app so the dialog is visible
  • Set Windows apps to be DPI aware so they can use the full resolution on scaled 4K displays

Android Platform

  • Using GameCenterShowLeaderBoard while broadcasting to the Android player will no longer attempt to display non-AGK leaderboards, this may have been causing issues with those leaderboards becoming asscoiated with the AGK Player app
  • GameCenter login on Android will no longer attempt to login twice if an error occurs or the user cancels the login
  • Removed “Press back to return to the app” message when making an Android In App Purchase

Edit Boxes

  • Fixed Unicode characters not working in edit boxes on desktop platforms

AppGamekit Player

  • Updated AGK icons
  • Added help screen to AGK Player

Help files

  • Separated the Log (debug) command from the Log (math) command in the help files
  • Fixed help files incorrectly stating that SetObjectDepthReadMode mode 7 was “equal” when it is actually “always pass”, mode 8 doesn’t exist

Plug Ins

  • Added GetMemblockPtr to the list of commands that can be called from a plugin

Tier 2

  • Tier 2 Windows projects should now have the Unicode Character Set property set in the project settings


Have fun while you get it 🙂