Wow! long time since I wrote something on my blog. Fact is that for the longest time ever I had a huge lack of motivation regarding anything development wise in my freetime. I just couldn’t concentrate anymore on it. And I don’t know what made that change but right now I am able to do things and I should use that phase as long as it lasts.

So back on the topic, AppGameKit newest release was release by TheGameCreators on May 15th in 2017. Extensive Filesystem commands, haptic feedback for your mobile devices, some desktop commands and other stuff was added or fixed.

For a detailed describtion of the update and to get the download, feel free to head over to the TGC website.

And here is a short list of the changes that happend between this update and the last one I written about. Again, TGC is taking good care about AppGameKit!

Build 2017.04.24

  • Fixed SetWindowAllowResize set to 0 on Mac causing full screen mode to appear corrupt
  • Set Android camera to auto focus when using SetDeviceCameraToImage
  • Fixed SetObject3DPhysicsCanSleep mode 1 causing the object to sleep forever
  • Added plugin command agk::PluginError to pass an error to the normal AGK error channels
  • Added plugin support to Linux (64bit only) and Mac
  • Debugging apps from the IDE can now debug apps using plugins
  • Broadcasting can now send plugins to Windows, Mac, and Linux players

Build 2017.04.11

  • Added SetCameraOffCenter and SetCameraBounds commands to set an off center projection matrix
  • Fixed projects with spaces or special characters in the name failing to broadcast to Android
  • Fixed projects with spaces or special characters in the name failing to debug on Windows and Linux
  • Fixed SetEditBoxMaxChars on Android being off by one
  • Fixed Android HTTP connections using SSL failing if multiple requests were made before closing the connection
  • Fixed FacebookGetFriends sometimes failing on Android
  • Fixed CloseNetwork freezing the app if it is still trying to connect
  • Fixed edit boxes not clipping text properly
  • Added reward video ads for both AdMob and Chartbost to Android and iOS
  • Fixed DrawBox being off by one pixel in the X direction when drawing filled boxes, boxes will now be one pixel bigger in the X direction to match the Y size
  • Fixed DrawLine being off by one in the Y direction when drawing horizontal lines
  • Fixed SetObject3DPhysicsCanSleep not being able to re-enable sleeping after disabling it
  • Fixed Windows XP failing to run the latest AGK apps
  • Fixed StopAllSounds and StopSound sometimes failing to stop a looping sound on Android
  • Fixed missing help file for GetInAppPurchaseSignature

Build 2017.03.31

  • This version contains breaking changes, bytecode compiled with older versions will not work with this version, and bytecode compiled with this version will not work with older players
  • Fixed SetWindowPosition on Mac using the bottom left corner of the screen as the origin, it will now use the top left corner to match other platforms
  • Fixed tab characters in a text object string causing inconsistent spacing when displayed
  • The AGK Player no longer saves default images in the write folder during startup, default images are loaded from memory instead
  • Fixed SetWindowAllowResize on Windows causing the window title bar to change size, causing the window itself to change resolution
  • Fixed particles with rotation applied not being square when using the percentage based coordinate system
  • Fixed InAppPurchaseRestore causing a crash on iOS
  • Fixed a crash in the IDE if an open file was deleted outside the IDE and then closed without saving after double clicking it in the side bar
  • Fixed a crash in SetSpritePhysicsMass using a polygon shape with a very small value passed to SetPhysicsScale
  • Fixed Android Tier 2 projects failing to compile
  • Fixed help files missing some command parameters
  • Changed SetVirtualButtonSize so it can accept both an X and Y value
  • Increased the number of virtual buttons allowed to 100
  • Fixed a crash in GetGameCenterPlayerID on iOS if the player ID is null
  • Added the ability to load plugins on Windows apps with #import_plugin
  • Added an example project that demonstrates using a plugin
  • Currently plugins will not work when debugging via the AGK IDE

Build 2017.02.28

  • Fixed HTML5 mouse wheel being inverted
  • Fixed SetWindowSize command not accepting the new parameters
  • Added GetGameCenterPlayerID and GetGameCenterPlayerDisplayName commands

Build 2017.02.21 Beta

  • Fixed HTTPEncode entering an infinite loop
  • Fixed Android export not working with Firebase if the Firebase config file contained details for more than one Android app
  • Fixed PlayVideoToTexture on Windows not working with WMV videos
  • Fixed exported APK crashing if it uses GameCenter commands but was exported without a Game Services ID
  • Using InAppPurchaseSetup will no longer display a message box if it is called multiple times in the AGK player, for example when broadcasting an app multiple times
  • Updated Ouya export for the latest icon requirements
  • Fixed SetObjectMeshFromMemblock sometimes corrupting the vertices of another object on non-Windows platforms
  • Fixed 3D physics ragdoll commands reporting that a ragdoll does not exist when it does
  • Fixed DrawSprite not using the scissor value set by SetSpriteScissor
  • Fixed sprites with multiple images not using the scissor value set by SetSpriteScissor
  • Fixed the skybox commands not working on some devices
  • Added a new example project that experiments with Tone Mapping
  • Removed hack on Android that was used to force the volume buttons to set the media volume rather than the notification volume, which may have been causing audio distortion
  • Fixed ExtractZip not working on Android if the zip file was inside the APK
  • Fixed key presses not being recorded by GetRawKeyState when the ALT key is held down
  • Removed popup message when an image is saved to the device photos folder on iOS and Android
  • Added MaximizeWindow command to maximize the window on Windows and Linux
  • Added a parameter to SetWindowSize to ignore bounds checking so that over sized windows can be created
  • Increased network client timeout from 5 seconds to 20 seconds
  • Added IPv6 support to all platforms except HTML5
  • Any network commands that accept an IP address will now accept an IPv4 or IPv6 address
  • The HostNetwork command will listen on both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (if available) and accept connections from both
  • Added GetDeviceIPv6 to return the IPv6 address of the device, it will first look for global addresses and then local ones
  • Existing Android Tier 2 projects will need to add the function GetIPv6 to their file, check the template project for details
  • Removed armeabi (ARMv5) binary for Android which was only used by very old devices, AGK now requires ARMv7 or greater on Android. This reduces the APK size by about 4.5MB
  • Consolidated OpenGL and OpenGLES files so there is less duplicated code, this should result in no visible change but may have introduced bugs
  • Fixed Random2() producing too many instances of the start value
  • Fixed GameCenterSubmitAchievement causing a crash on Google Game Services if the value 0 is used with an incremental achievement, it will now do nothing
  • Added a menu option in the IDE to view the AGK video tutorials on Youtube
  • Fixed RunApp command on Mac and Linux not accepting multiple parameters for some commands
  • Changed to a new build system, should have no visible changes but may have introduced bugs