Some would say that the IDE of AGK2 looks a little dated. And yes, I can agree with it. It kinda makes AppGameKit look old, not modern anymore. If you are one of these developers, who love a modern looking IDE, maybe you should customize it. The editor/IDE is based on GEANY, an open source IDE. You will find a lot of plugins and color themes on the WWW.

But here is a quick way of making it look modern with a dark look and your default installation:

  1. Switch the color scheme via View/Change color scheme… to AGK Dark
  2. Open the file yourAGK2folder/Tier1/Editor/data/geany.gtkrc with an editor
  3. Change the last line to include “../share/themes/ClearlooksDark/gtk-2.0/gtkrc”
  4. Change the toolbar via Edit/Preferences… -> Interface and there on the Toolbar tab, change the Icon Style to Images only

After these changes, restart the IDE and it will look similar to my screenshot here. I also set the font of the editor differently.

The themes are located at yourAGK2folder/Tier1/Editor/share/themes/… and the color schemes are stored yourAGK2folder/Tier1/Editor/data/colorschemes/… .

To create your own theme or color scheme, simply duplicate one of the existing ones and play with its settings till you have the look set to your likings.