Another great looking game is powered by fantomEngine for Monkey X. I got word about Cookie Munch which is a colorful Match-3 games where you have to match all kinds of sweets. Delicious.               Give it a try, I like it a lot!!!

Cookie Munch: Made with fantomEngine

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This fantomEngine tutorial will show you how to drag objects around the canvas. Be it a Match-3 clone, or dragging objects around in an inventory, sometimes you need this feature. fantomEngine has a nice feature which lets you detect if an object is touched by the mouse pointer or a […]

fantomEngine Tutorial: Dragging objects

Hi folks, I have recreated the repository on GitHub for fantomEngine again. You can find it here: Feel free to fork it and maybe you ca help improving it.

fantomEngine on GitHub again

MultiTileSet map
Hello fellow fantoms, for your pleasure I have uploaded version 1.56 of your favorite game framework for Monkey-X. Biggest features in this release are the support for multiple tilesets in Tiled maps, automatic pooling of objects and the ability to use custom objects with every basic object type now. So […]

fantomEngine v1.56 released