New support forum – fantomEngine

Hi folks,

it seems that the wordpress forum that I found didn’t work quite well. So I went back to a proofed solution and installed a regular forum again.
You can find it here. Please post your questions and everything else regarding fantomEngine, my Flurry module  and my books there.

Thank you

New entries to the fantomEngine game gallery

It’s showcase time! I had asked around to sent me infos about your fantomEngine powered games, so I can place them inside the game gallery. And for sure, you have let me know :-)

Here are the screenshots of the first entries. Just click on the thumbnails to see them in big:

screenshotEN_3 snailJump MightyCat NC_sc7 tevada1 Planet_Defender

For market links and game descriptions, please visit the games gallery!

I am happy to see such a variety of games. From arcade shooters, over puzzle games to “Flappy Something” kind of games. Awesome! And what better argument fantomEngine needs to show off what it is capable off than a selectin of great looking games that are designed awesome and play well. Thanks to all fantomEngine users out there and for the contributions to the gallery. When does your game show up in the gallery? Just let me know about it!


New fantomEngine support forum

Hello all,

after looking into a wordpress extension, I found a nice forum plugin that integrates a forum for this site rather nicely. It is located here. So please ask away in this new place. And I hope it isn’t to confusion for you guys to switch again. I was waiting for an official subforum for fantomEngine inside the official Monkey X forum, but I guess it won’t happen any time soon.

Ok, the wordpress extension gave to much trouble, so it is now back to a good old regular forum. This time for good. I promise!


Take care


Looking for fantomEngine powered games

Hi folks,

version 1.52 of fantomEngine was downloaded over 280 times. So there must be some game out there that are powered by fantomEngine. I would love to showcase them here with links to the markets and stuff like that. So please let me know about them and provide me a screenshot and a short description. I would love to display your game here so others can see what is made with fantomEngine and Monkey.

Please send it to mike (a t) fantomgl (d ot) com

Take care


fantomEngine V1.53 released

Hi folks,

the fantomEngine game framework Version 1.53 for Monkey is now released. Again it took way to long. One major change is that from now on, new versions will only be released here at this very website. Google Code doesn’t let me add new downloads to the page there anymore, so it has to be doen from here. Below is the content of the changes.txt file:

New functionalities

  • You can create/compose animated objects now from single images.
  • Added an animation manager that will update the animation of an object now. This changed some fields of the ftEngine class and the ftObject class.
  • You can pause an animation now.
  • You can set the number of highscore list entries now via ftHighscore.Setcount(count:Int)
  • Images grabbed from a spritesheet have their handle now set to the center of the image by default.
  • Several HTML5 functions that let you resize, maximize and hide the canvas/console.
  • With ftEngine.RenderLoadingBar you can now render a spinning loading image at the start of your app.
  • You can de-/activate the sound and music playback now via one call each.
  • And object can now have several images assigned to it. See the cftImageMng.monkey for all the new functionalities.


  • ftLayer.TouchCheck didn’t took the layer position into the calculation.
  • ftBox2D.CreateObject determined the box2d angle wrong. Its was off by -90 degrees.
  • Removed a debugging PRINT command from ftLocalization.LoadFromString.
  • Fixed a bug in ftLocalization.GetString regarding the language key.
  • Fixed the removal of waypoints and markers.
  • Fixed ftObject.SetScaleY regarding assigning absolute values.


  • The objects have now an array of assigned images instead just one. This was needed to be able to compose an animated obejct of single images.

New example

  • Objects/Creation/AnimObject
  • TileMaps/Platformer


And like always, have fun!