fantomEngine V1.54 released

Hi folks,

another month, another update of the fantomEngine game framework. Version 1.54 for Monkey is now released. fe_logoBug fixes, enhancements and some new stuff made it into this release. One big feature is now the support for bitmap fonts created by FontMachine. Anyway, here is the list of changes:


New functionalities

  • Added ftVec2D.Perp:Void() function
  • Added ftObject.SetAnimRepeatCount(repeatCount:Int = -1) function
  • Added _repeatCount parameter to ftObject.CreateAnim.
  • Added ftEngine.OnObjectAnim method, which is called when one loop of an animation is finished
  • Added support to load fonts create via FontMachine. They have to be “packed”.
  • Added ftEngine.CreatePivot method so you can create an empty object which you can parent other objects to.
  • Added ftObject.SetAngleOffset method so you can manually set the offset for the drawing angle.



  • Fixed collision routines regarding the usage of the collision scale factor
  • Fixed ftSpriteAtlas.Load when using a sprite atlas data file where the lines are delimited by CR13 CR10.
  • Fixed ftEngine.CreateImage when using a sprite atlas data file where the lines are delimited by CR13 CR10.
  • Fixed ftFont.Load when using a data file where the lines are delimited by CR13 CR10.
  • Fixed reading Image rotation when using ftSpriteAtlas class. Use ftSpriteAtlas.GetAngleOffset to read the rotation offset.
  • Fixed ftObject.Render with images. They had disappeared at the edges of the Canvas when scaled up.
  • Fixed ftScene.CreateTransAlpha and ftScene.CreateTransPos to return the transition object (ftTrans).


  • ftEngine.CopyObject now copies assigned children too.

New example

  • Misc/UpdateObjects
  • Objects/Collision/Collision
  • Objects/Collision/CollisionBoxes
  • Timers/Timers

 Changed example

  • Objects/Creation/CopyObject -> added a child
  • BaseScript/BaseScript -> added new OnObjectAnim method

And like always, have fun. Let me know if you run into problems and post it on our support forum.

Take care

Tool development for fantomEngine 4

Hello all,

I would love to see which tool you would like to see first for fantomEngine. As of today, fantomEngine already supports great 3rd party tools. It will do so in the future but I would love to add its own toolset. So please take the time to choose the tool you would love to see first. Vote till June 15th 2014! Thank you.

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Which tool do you want to see next?

More Monkey X games powered by fantomEngine

I always love to hear about the games you folks create with fantomEngine. Here are two more, Tick Attack and Balloon Hero.

TickAttack baloonhero

Check them out and get the links on the gallery page.

If you have a fantomEngine powered game that isn’t displayed on the gallery, please let me know about it. I would love to display it here and link to the place where people can get it.