In these days, you will face yourself with an army of devices your game will be run on. As these devices have all kinds of screen (canvas) sizes, you need to adjust your game content so it will be displayed properly. For an example, your game GUI needs to be […]

fantomEngine Tutorial: Handling the virtual Canvas

Hi folks, I have recreated the repository on GitHub for fantomEngine again. You can find it here: Feel free to fork it and maybe you ca help improving it.

fantomEngine on GitHub again

MultiTileSet map
Hello fellow fantoms, for your pleasure I have uploaded version 1.56 of your favorite game framework for Monkey-X. Biggest features in this release are the support for multiple tilesets in Tiled maps, automatic pooling of objects and the ability to use custom objects with every basic object type now. So […]

fantomEngine v1.56 released

Hello folks, I hope everyone is doing well. And i wish you and your family a great christmas, lots of joy and laughter. Take care and treat your body well All the best Michael Ps: fantomEngine development is not dead. Just slow right now.

Merry christmas

Hi folks, besides Vili working on fantomX, the successor of fantomEngine, I am working on GUI and Particles for fantomEngine. Just now I have uploaded the current state of the development in the forum. GUI                   PARTICLES           […]

Current fantomEngine development

Hi folks, here is another great game powered by fantomEngine for Monkey X. It is called Gotcha and it is a card game. I love to see different type of games made with fantomEngine and this is another great example.     If you want to play it, this is […]

Gotcha: Another entry in the fantomEngine games gallery