Merry christmas

Hello folks,

I hope everyone is doing well.
And i wish you and your family a great christmas, lots of joy and laughter.
Take care and treat your body well

All the best

Ps: fantomEngine development is not dead. Just slow right now.

Current fantomEngine development

Hi folks,

besides Vili working on fantomX, the successor of fantomEngine, I am working on GUI and Particles for fantomEngine. Just now I have uploaded the current state of the development in the forum.
























Both systems are implemented currently as custom objects.

Hope you like it

The fantomEngine dev team just got bigger 4

Hi folks,

please welcome Vili Lehtinen aka misthema as he has just joined the fantomEngine development team. After seeing his Monkey X creations, I had no choice but to ask him to join the dev team. His ideas and skills will raise fE to a new level.

We will work together on fantomEngine 2 aka fantomX and I am positive that it will turn out awesome!

Take care